Afghanistan: departure by plane of 200 civilians, intimidation of journalists

The situation in Kabul (Afghanistan), this Thursday, with a first passenger flight chartered by Qatar, and at the same time, the Taliban increase intimidation against journalists

In Afghanistan, this is a first since the withdrawal of the Americans: 200 people, including many foreigners, were evacuated on Thursday from Kabul airport.

Qatar had chartered a plane to ensure this passenger flight between the Afghan and Qatari capitals.

After departure formalities, passengers joined buses that took them to the Qatar Airways plane, which took off at the end of the afternoon.

After the Americans left at the end of August, the Taliban had indicated that they would allow those who wanted to leave to do so, provided they had their papers in order.

Intimidation of journalists

On the other hand, concerning the right of the press, the new masters of Kabul are clearly less permissive.

As proof, the fate of Taqi Daryabi, 22-year-old photographer, and Nematullah Naqdi, 28-year-old cameraman. Journalists at Etilaat Roz (“Info Day”), one of the main Afghan dailies, they came to cover a women’s demonstration on Wednesday in central Kabul.

Taliban fighters arrested them and then severely beat them, before releasing them in the evening.

And remind them that it was now forbidden to cover illegal demonstrations.

_ “The crackdown against any expression of dissent has started here in Afghanistan,” says euronews special envoy to Kabul, Anelise Borges.

Protests are now banned and journalists are warned not to cover illegal gatherings.

Women are no longer allowed to play sports and it has been reported that female university staff now have to stay at home.

And at the same time, the Taliban replaced the Ministry of Women’s Affairs with the Ministry of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. “

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