Afghan women restricted from teaching or attending Kabul University

EDUCATION. Separated Afghan students attend a class at Mirwais Neeka University in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on September 20, 2021. | Photo: Efe.

Afghan women were banned from taking or teaching classes at Kabul University “until an Islamic environment is created,” for which there is no set date. The restriction was announced Monday by Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat, the new Taliban-appointed rector.

The context: In early September, the Taliban government minister of higher education, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, reported that the country’s women could continue with their university studies; However, he clarified that classrooms would be separated by gender and female students would be obliged to wear Islamic clothing.

  • The restrictions represent a setback in development seen in the past 20 years in Afghanistan. They are the most recent measures that exclude women from public life.
  • According to Ghairat, the university is preparing a plan to resume teaching women, but did not present a timetable.

What do they say? “As long as a real Islamic environment is not provided for everyone, women will not be able to go to universities or work. Islam first, ”Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat tweeted.

  • “Due to the shortage of female teachers, we are working on a plan so that teachers can teach female students from behind a curtain in the classroom,” added the new principal.
  • “We will not allow boys and girls to study together (…) We will not allow coeducation,” Haqqani said at the time.

Main source of the news: CNN.

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