Adriana Lastra: “Casado’s PP is a threat to women, he is with Le Pen, Orbán and Vox”

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The deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, has affirmed this Saturday that Pablo Casado’s PP is a “threat to women” for denying “their support” in the EU to the measures that “combat” sexist violence, thus aligning itself with the “most reactionary” European parties. “.

Lastra, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Rachel Sanchez, and the PSC leader in Parliament, Salvador Illa, have closed this Saturday the Feminist School of the PSC “Dolors Renau” 2021 in Barcelona.

During his speech at the event, with a marked feminist and socialist claim, Lastra has called it “shameful” that the PP “has not supported” in the European Union the classification of gender violence as a crime. “They have just voted against women. Casado’s PP is a threat to women and women are going to act accordingly,” added the PSOE leader.

According to lastra, the PP could have chosen to be a moderate party like that of the German Angela Merkel, but instead, he said, with the arrival of Casado to the leadership he has ended up aligning himself with the “most reactionary” in Europe: “It’s with Le Pen, Salvini, Orbán, Vox”, has stressed.

He has warned that one must “distrust” “those who cry out for freedom without speaking of equality, because they are defending privilege, and that is the opposite of democracy.” On the contrary, he has pointed out that from his party they are not “going to stop until they eradicate sexist violence”, because “it is the greatest challenge for socialists”: Gender violence “cannot be normalized nor can we resign ourselves,” he defended.

Lastra wanted to remember “the obvious”: that in Spain have been murdered at the hands of their partners or ex-partners 1,112 women, and that more than 300 minors have been orphaned by this scourge, “cold” figures that “do not reflect the pain and anger” of families and society. For her part, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, has encouraged “to move from reflections to facts and transformations”, and has promised to place feminist policies and principles in urban policies and of ecological transition promoted by the Government.

The former mayor of Gavà (Barcelona) has defended the need to place the gender perspective in the field of infrastructure, transport, housing or cities, because women must have “the same opportunities as men.” She has given as an example the need to improve the accessibility of housing, to promote affordable rents, to make the streets safe or to promote transport that helps reduce the limitations of women.

“Our cities and towns are not neutral spaces, we know from experience that a square or street is not the same for a man or a woman, and it is not the same if we go by day or night,” said the minister, who for this reason he has advocated “rethinking” cities “so that they stop being a hostile place, especially for women.”

“Cities also have to be thought from this gender perspective. And this does not harm anyone, that benefits everyone,” he stressed. The minister has stressed that, from her position, she will not miss the opportunity to include the gender perspective in the ministry and in her companies, “and has opted to incorporate more women into her team. Salvador Illa has spoiled that there are “some” who “even deny” that sexist violence “exists”, when fighting against it should be a “priority”, and has warned of the “threat” from the extreme right “questioning the rights of women”. In this sense, he has defended that the response to those who deny this violence must be “forceful and immediate.”

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