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Adelante Andalucía, the anti-capitalist party founded and led by the ex-Podemos Teresa Rodriguez, has launched a controversial message from his Twitter account comparing the situation of women in Spain and women in Afghanistan, judging it as similar.

Specifically, in the social network a photomontage of two images. In the first it read “Andalusia”, and in the second, “Afghanistan”. The Andalusian image is a photograph of a mural that represents several female figures, but vandalized, with their faces crossed out with black paint and a swastika.

The second, that of Afghanistan, captures the moment in which an operator covers the windows of a bridal shop to erase all images of women. The photomontage was accompanied by the reflection “hatred towards women is universal.”

The commotion, in response to the tweet, has not been long in coming. In addition to numerous petitions urging the formation of the Andalusian nationalist left to delete the tweet, the publication received responses such as “What a lack of respect for Afghan women”; “Comparing this with Afghanistan and with the total annulment of women is a brutal immorality. There they are going to kill, rape, completely annul all of them without distinction ”; “You are a shame for women, for Andalusia and for Spain”; “So far no one has whipped or stoned me for going in short, with heels and cleavage on the street in Andalusia. Could I go like this through Afghanistan? ” or “It is difficult to make a further comparison miserable”Were some of the angry responses sent by numerous users of this social network.

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There has also been sarcastic responses, describing Adelante Andalucía’s account as a “parody account”, messages inviting the formation to “next year you celebrate the 8-M or Pride in Kabul” or comparing a photo of women dancing at the Seville fair with another of Afghan women.

Likewise, there have also been users who have accused the party of manipulating the issue to gain notoriety. The journalist and writer Juan Soto Ivars He responded to the message: “This is like those crazy egocentric people to whom you tell that your father has died and they answer: well, one has looked at me badly in the office.”

Despite the avalanche of responses disfiguring the message, Adelante Andalucía has not rectified. Far from doing it, it is ratified in his statement relying on the message released by the account Andalusian Socialist Memes, who wrote: “Do not doubt for a moment that if those who did the first painting had the power of those who did the second, they would use it exactly the same against women.”

Not the Andalusian parliamentarian and leader of the formation, Teresa Rodriguez, nor your partner, José María González, Kichi, Mayor of Cádiz, have echoed the controversial tweet. Yes, the senator of the Confederal Left Parliamentary Group has done so, Pilar Gonzalez, from Adelante Andalucía, and the left-wing sociopolitical platform Primavera Andaluza, promoted by González herself.

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The publication of the account, which has 17,900 followers, accumulates 316 likes, 141 retweets, and 760 comments, the latter being unanimously critical.

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