Ada Colau will announce today that she is running for mayor of Barcelona again

  • The mayor summons the media to talk about the municipal elections that will be held in May 2023

The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colauwill appear this Thursday shortly before 10 in the morning to address to the media a story related to the municipal elections to be held on May 28, 2023. Everything indicates that Colau will announce that he will appear againwho will opt for the mayoralty of the Catalan capital for the third time in a row.

The step in front of the mayor was taken for granted a long time ago and more so when last weekend an essential procedure was completed for her to be presented for the third time. The code of ethics of his party, Barcelona en Comú, provides for a two-term limitationto comply with the discourse that going through politics should not last forever.

However, the rule has an exception: if the party members approve it, a third command can be added extraordinarily. BComú held a vote on this possibility last Sunday, which was decisively resolved: 211 votes in favor of Colau running again and one abstention.

Twice pioneer

Colau made history in 2015 by becoming the first female mayor of Barcelona. Her victory was tight, 11 council members, one more than CiU, 17,000 votes more than the then mayor, Xavier Trias.

Four years later he made history again: he became the first person to reach the mayoralty without winning the municipal elections. He won 10 councillors, like the mayor of the ERC, Ernest Maragall, but 5,000 votes less than him.

Despite the fact that during the electoral night he considered himself defeated, he ended up reissuing the position thanks to the support of the PSC and the three votes of Manuel Valls and two of the councilors on his list: Eva Parera and Celestino Corbacho, who opted for what they saw as the lesser evil, leaving Maragall out as an independentist. At his investiture, he stated that what was being lived was “a sad day & rdquor ;.

The supports of the mandate

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Already in his second term, he has maintained a largely peaceful relationship with his socialist partners, with whom he finished his first term in total conflict after expelling them from the government for their support of the application of article 155 in Catalonia. And ERC, far from focusing on anger at the maneuver that made his victory sterile, has been the decisive external partner to ensure that the 18 mayors that BComú and the PSC have an absolute majority, set at 21 votes in plenary, to carry out the most relevant issues of the mandate.

Now, both socialists and republicans distance themselves from Colau, something to be expected as usual when there is one year and nine days left for the next municipal elections.

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