Ada Colau: reactions to the announcement of her candidacy for the third term as mayor of Barcelona, ​​last minute live

Parera (Vaslents): “BCN will not overcome another destructive mandate”

The president of Valents and councilor of the Barcelona City Council, Eva Parera, considers that the city “will not overcome another destructive mandate of Colau”. “Barcelona has been the victim of a cocktail of independence and left-wing radicalism, apostles of degrowth. For the people of Barcelona it is not a joy that Colau is present again. If he has not found a place in the Government of Pedro Sánchez, we citizens should not pay for it of Barcelona”, said Parera after the mayor’s announcement. According to Parera, “the city cannot be 12 years in the hands of populism and the decline of Colau. He said that he would only serve 2 terms, but now he is breaking his word.”

“Ada Colau’s project is coming to an end and that’s the way it should be if we want to end her policy of saying no to everything: to commerce, hotels, tourism, cars, etc”, the councilor concluded. EFE

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