Actor Jonathan Majors’ domestic violence trial is scheduled for August 3


Actor Jonathan Majors’ domestic violence case will go to trial on August 3, a Manhattan judge said Tuesday, placing him in a real-life courtroom drama while his idle Hollywood career hangs in the balance.

Judge Rachel Pauley wished Majors “the best of luck” as she scheduled her trial. “Yes, ma’am,” Majors said, standing with her attorneys in front of Pauley’s bench in Manhattan domestic violence court.

Majors, 33, is accused of twisting a woman’s arm, hitting her over the head and pushing her into a vehicle in New York City in March. He is charged with various misdemeanors, including assault, and could be sentenced to up to a year in jail if convicted. His lawyer says he is innocent.

Tuesday’s hearing was his first time in court since shortly after his March 25 arrest in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. He appeared via video at a brief hearing in the case last month where prosecutors announced they had revised the assault charge to reflect the perspective of Majors’s accuser. The account of a police officer was used in the original version.

Before his case was called Tuesday, Majors watched from the courtroom gallery: his lawyers and his girlfriend Meagan Good, who stars in “Shazam!” movies, next to him.

Majors’ legal team, led by attorney Priya Chaudhry, had been pushing to have the actor’s charges dismissed, claiming that evidence contradicts the allegations and that police and prosecutors have shown racial bias towards Majors, who is black.

Prior to scheduling Majors’ trial, the judge issued a sealed decision that led Chaudhry to withdraw court papers he had filed to contest the case. Pauley provided copies of his ruling to Majors’ attorneys and prosecutors, but did not discuss any details in open court.

Majors, who plays the villain Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel movies, appeared in court wearing a brown corduroy coat and sunglasses. He said little more than his brief exchange with the judge, which lasted three minutes. He sometimes smiled during his court appearance, which was rescheduled for June 13.

Majors had been a fast-rising Hollywood star with major roles in recent hits like “Creed III” and “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.” But in the aftermath of his arrest, the US Army pulled TV commercials starring Majors, saying he was “deeply concerned” by the allegations.

Last month, Disney postponed Majors’ upcoming Marvel movie, “Avengers: Kang Dynasty,” from May 2025 to May 2026. He is also scheduled to appear in “Avengers: Secret Wars” in 2027.

Majors’s accuser, a 30-year-old woman, alleges that he pulled her finger, twisted her arm behind her back, struck and severed her ear and pushed her into a vehicle, causing her to fall backward. The woman, who was not named in court documents, was treated at a hospital for minor head and neck injuries, police said.

Judge Pauley told Majors that she must continue to comply with a protection order that prohibits her from having contact with her accuser. The judge also warned that an arrest warrant could be issued against him if he does not show up for his trial date.

Chaudhry maintains that the charges against Majors are unfounded and that he has given prosecutors “irrefutable evidence that the woman is lying, including video evidence that nothing happened, especially where she claimed.”

Majors’s accuser injured him, Chaudhry said, but when the actor tried to show his injuries to police, a white officer approached him and taunted him.

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