Activists take over the mansion of a Russian oligarch in London

A group of activists has taken this Monday in the center of London a mansion belonging to one of the Russian oligarchs sanctioned by the British Government for his links with the Kremlin to protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The occupants of the luxurious property have hung ukrainian flags and banners with messages such as: “This property has been released”, outside the building, located in the exclusive Belgravia square, close to several foreign embassies, while encouraging citizens to join their protest.

According to local media, it is believed that the seven-bedroom house, located in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the British capital, belongs to the tycoon Oleg Deripaskaclose ally of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Apparently, the squatters have no intention of settling indefinitely or sleeping on the property and the occupation is intended to serve as an act of rejection against the invasion of the Russian troops in Ukraine.

“By occupying this mansion, we want to show solidarity with the Ukrainians, but also with the Russians who have never agreed with this madness,” the squatters, who define themselves as anarchists, said in a statement.

Sanctions since 2018

Deripaska, founder of metals and hydropower company EN+, has been the target of US sanctions since 2018 as a result of his close relationship with Putin. His business is centralized in London, with headquarters at Georgia House, two walks from St. James’s Palace. In the past Deripaska has been linked to high-ranking British politicians.

The home, which features a movie theater, gym and Turkish sauna, was purchased through Ravello Limited, a Virgin Islands offshore company.

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The National Crime Agency (NCA) requested the freezing of the assets of five bank accounts in the name of the oligarch in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops.

Activists have told local media that their act is intended to “do the job” of British Home Secretary Priti Patel, who is being asked to send Ukrainian refugees to live on the property.

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