Accordar and recuperar para todos, by Félix Bolaños

El agree This week’s issue of the Gobierno and the Episcopal Conference of Spain on the registered property of the Catholic Church is a good news. A first agreement, a good start.

It, in the first place, is the result of trial initiated in 2017, when arranging the preliminary works for the elaboration of a legal study in the depth of their well-being, to update their registered situation. A study that resulted in a listed of 34,961 properties that the Gobierno recovers, of which 20,014 are places of worship and 14,947 are of other nature. In the second place, it is the fruit of the impulse that he meant the bilateral bilateral encounters in the last months, in which the Episcopal Conference the work of verification and cataloging of the well-to-do properties listed by Gobierno is underway.

The joint work has given a first result: han aflorado en torno a mil bienes that, having been registered by the Church at the time, the Episcopal Conference now recognizes that there are many important things to be said about the fact that no information is available about its title. All information has been transferred to the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. Seran will now have the assistance and registrations of the property of the framed to be delivered in accordance with the regulation that, in each case, corresponds. If the owners do not locate it, the title will go public.

Since the beginning of August, we have had many meetings and many contacts. He worked with discretion and good fe, and hoped that this spirit would characterize the relationship between the Gobierno and the Iglesia. With this step does not finalize the work of the matriculation commission, which has a comet by porante: to clarify a variety of case histories, examine the title of the goods that correspond and depur the lists to define any documentary imprint that is detected. We share the idea of ​​making public all the information we have, in order to provide the company with the goods that the Catholic Church does not recognize as properties, and can be attributed to its legitimate owners.

In parallel, the commissions related to tributary regime of the Catholic Church o la Obra Pía de Roma sigu advancing in the recommended work, which has consolidated a fruitful dynamic of cooperation.

We share the pain of the victims’ cases of abuse, which he says are clear-cut by the ecclesiastical church.

With the independence of these joint working committees, the Gobierno also showed the Church in its preoccupation with the abuse cases, which is generating a major impact on national and international public opinion. We share the pain of the victims, our testimonies are deeply connected. Its hereditary properties, emotional scars that he restrained with the help and the active compromise of all. Specifically, of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, which is under an obligation to do everything possible to do so, online with other countries in our region, such as France or Ireland, facilitate the clearing of all the behaviors and practices of natural gravity that hayan can afford in his sense. To repair in the middle of the possible day the cause and for that, as he said the father Francisco, no vuelvan a repetirse. The Governor of Spain is and will always be with the victims, and will adopt the means that he needs to accompany the people he abuses. Organic Law 8/2021, June 4, Integral protection for children and adolescents facing violence – known as ‘Rhodes’ – is a good proof of this. Our goal is double: clear all the cases and avoid being repeated.

We are a living and plural democracy, which guarantees the defense of different points of view and promotes the search for shared spaces. Spaces in which all are siently represented and in which all contribute to the general interest. The great cambios require great accords. This agreement search is the priority criterion for the Gobierno actuation. Those who agree will read the dialogue, which we understand as the best way to manage public support.

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Hemos demonstrated capacity for dialogue in the Parliamentary ambitions, with the European societies, with the social agents, and now, with the Catholic Church, in the mark of the accessionality of the State and in accordance with it established in Article 16 of the Constitution, which mandates the public powers to maintain cooperative relations with the various denominations present in our society.

The dialogue is not the final, it is the road that leads to points of encounter. Este Gobierno acuerda con todos, porque sabe que todo el mundo aporta. And we agree that agreeing is the best way to advance. In this case, advance and retrieve miles well for your legitimate titles.

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