Absolute change in Andalusia | Javier Aroca’s analysis

The electoral results in Andalusia illuminate the first absolute majority of the PP in its history of self-government. The scrutiny data exceeds any forecast, no one was able to foresee such convincing results. It’s a new paradigm socialist Andalusia yields.

The long campaign, calm but with clear objectives, of turn Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla into the moderate Juanma has given a clearly positive result, after arriving in Andalusia being a perfect stranger and, losing his first elections, having been able to govern with the support of the extreme right without anyone apparently noticing.

Last night, Moreno Bonilla staged his perfectly calculated triumph, among the people, grateful but distanced from the PP of Genoa, brandishing the Andalusian flag, consecrating himself as a leader of a right-wing autonomist party for the first time in the history of Andalusia, purging, perhaps, the original sin of the Andalusian right.

Moreno Bonilla has had the ability to present its policies in such a way as to appear moderates and, at the same time, far from ending the patronage structures created by the PSOE for more than three decades, relying on them

With the popular apotheosis, the PSOE appears as an exhausted project, without yet recovering from the defeat of 2018, worsening the results of Susana Díaz, after exercising a non-existent opposition for more than three years and building an unsuitable candidacy to strip the PP of power.

The reaction of the socialists Andalusians before the defeat of the candidate Juan Espadas has been moderate, that of the leadership of the federal PSOE grotesque, absent of self-criticism, far from the Andalusian reality and the new profiles of Spanish society. A reaction closer to pride than to the humility required after losing resoundingly.

The objective of preventing the extreme right, as necessary, from being part of the Government of Andalusia has been achieved, but not because of the merits of the left but because of the impressive result of the Andalusian right. A pedagogical effect that should encourage the PP to continue on the path of standing up to Vox. In Andalusia the doors were opened to it, now it seems that its decrepitude and uselessness can also be announced here.

Vox has not obtained the results that they expected, be as decisive as they intended to continue in their attempt to overcome the PP. The extreme right is encapsulated in the Andalusian Parliament in its uselessness. The grotesque of the candidacy lolailo of Macarena Olona remains in a joke. Alberto Núñez Feijóo breathes, he will no longer have to ‘authorize’ a government with the extreme right in Andalusia. The ideological partners of the PP in the European Union also breathe.

For its part, Ciudadanos disappears, they remain in nothingness, a space from which they emerged with the invaluable help of custom demoscopy and media platforms. Its existence was only right as a counterfeit political project. Their ideological lurches and alliances have made them expendable.

The other lefts also remain in irrelevance. The divisions are paid, the so-and-so and childish disputes too. A warning for further projects. Yolanda Díaz has had, perhaps, her first negative fire bath. The first interpretations of the result by the members of the coalition, present or future, also divided and opposed, do not predict a better future.

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The Andalusian right has reacted well to his victory, Moreno Bonilla sees himself as a leader of the future, he is conscientious and constant. Nevertheless, the lefts don’t know how to explain themselves, they justify themselves badly, and now that they have suffered the disaster, they appear in their justifications more as outdated or prematurely old projects than as young people capable of reacting and learning.

The best news, without a doubt, is the exercise of democracy, tranquility, the unappealable result and that the results prevent Andalusia from being news because the extreme right enters its government. Now it is the turn of the others.

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