Abortion in the US: Everything can be worse, by Emma Riverola

The worst thing about the repeal of abortion in the US is not a painful and disturbing present, but the possibility of a spooky morning. Currently, the anti-abortion movement in the US is dominated by religious fundamentalists that put the life of the fetus before any circumstance, including rape or incest. To what extent can this defense be unhinged in the future? Can a woman who drinks alcohol be punished? Will her work ‘efforts’ or a simple plane ride be questioned? In the same way that any fetal death can already be investigated as a crime, can the behavior of the future mother be monitored? In a world in which each of our steps becomes data that can be detected, the possibility is dizzying.

That all the efforts of anti-abortionists focus on the control of women and not, for example, in the defense of health or public nurseries They make their priorities very clear. They do not support a dignified existence, but seek to impose a morality that bends freedom and equality. A fundamentalist vision supported by the judiciary and with the infinite possibilities of social control technology. Everything can be much worse.

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