A worker fired for harassing a colleague tries to kill another employee in Valencia

A worker fired a few months ago from a company in Alaquàs, in Valencia, for allegedly harassing to a partner of work is being intensely sought by the National Police after having been about to stab another former worker to death who threw him out of the firm’s premises this morning, when he showed up armed with a knife. Apparently, his real target could be the woman he was harassing, and which he has not seen thanks to the fact that the rest of the workers have fired him when they see him hanging around the place with bad intentions.

The events, as Levante-EMV has been able to confirm with sources of all solvency, have happened after twelve thirty in the morning of this Monday, in a firm located in an industrial estate in Alaquàs. Shortly before, around twelve, they noticed that the former worker was prowling around the door and looking insistently inside.

Several of his former colleagues have come out to ask him what he wanted and, finally, to tell him to leave the place or they would call the police. According to these sources, there appears to be a Restraining order in force, since the young woman came to file a complaint for the reiteration in the harassment, a complaint that is now processed by a court in Torrent.

After a few minutes, the now fugitive has returned and attacked one of the former teammates who had expelled him minutes before. Without barely saying a word, has drawn a knife and stabbed it at least twice, one of them in the neck and the other, in the abdomen, causing him very serious injuries that have nearly cost him his life.

While the aggressor hurriedly fled the scene, other workers have come to the aid of the wounded man, who have applied compression to the neck to stop the brutal bleeding, as well as to the abdomen, while calling 112 for urgent medical help.

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A SAMU ambulance has traveled to the scene and, once the bleeding has stabilized, has taken the wounded man to the emergency service of Hospital La Fe, where he had to be operated on immediately. In addition, the Police have established surveillance on the wounded, before the risk of the alleged aggressor going to hospital, since, at this time, he has not yet been detained.

Agents of the Judicial Police group of the Torrent police station have undertaken the investigation to find the whereabouts of the fugitive, who, for now, You have not returned to your home or to those of your relativesTherefore, the intense search for his location and immediate detention for an alleged crime of attempted murder continues.


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