his partnera woman in her 40s who was murdered this Monday at her home in Tarancón (Cuenca) in a new case of sexist violence, He has been arrested by the Civil Guard.

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The Government delegate in Castilla-La Mancha, Francisco Tierraseca, in statements to the media in Albacete, has confirmed the arrest and has pointed out this murder as a new case of sexist violence, while condemning “absolutely a new crime, carried out on a woman for the fact of being a woman”.

Tierraseca has indicated that the Civil Guard is carrying out further investigations into the case. The woman, in her 40s, has three minor children and is a worker of the employment plan of the local council. So far this year and taking this death into account, thirteen women have been murdered by sexist violence in Spain.

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The 016 assists victims of all forms of violence against women. It is a free and confidential phone that provides service in 53 languages ​​and leaves no trace on the bill. Information is also provided via email. [email protected] and counseling and psychosocial care through the WhatsApp number 600,000,016. In addition, minors can contact the ANAR telephone number 900 20 20 10. All resources against gender violence.

You can also call the National Police (091), to the Local Police (092) Yet the Civil Guard (062)


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