A vulture cuts traffic after ‘landing’ on the street in Benidorm

“Nor that it was the first vulture to live Benidormcommented an Internet user in a humorous way on Twitter. The image of the rescue of a vulture in the middle of the city street this weekend He has left comments of all kinds on networks. The publication of the video of his capture has triumphed on social networks, filled with comments that are happy for the raptor and also applaud the rescuer.

In the pictures the vulture can be seen in a stoic position in the middle of the road, cut by a local police vehicle that at that time was trying to help the animal.

The hero without a cape is apparently called Chema, according to the comments of the residents of the municipality on the instagram account ‘benidorm.memeshit‘, and was in charge of capturing the bird with great skill.

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Taking into account the size of the specimen, the imposing beak and its plumage, and the down of its neck and legs, it is a griffon vulture, common scavenger in the areas of the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the largest birds in Europe together with the ‘Aegypius monachus’ or black vulture (which is the largest raptor), unique in its kind and that lives in areas of Mediterranean forest and pine forests, where it nests.

The griffon vulture is one of the few vultures that we find indigenously in Europe, along with the black, alimoche and the osprey.


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