A vulnerable young man forced into prostitution

A pimp who took advantage of the vulnerability of a young man with limited cognitive abilities by forcing him to offer sexual services was sentenced Monday to 12 months in detention.

Zakary Perron-Papineau, who was to receive his sentence for pimping, tried to escape justice last March. After a month on the run, he was finally arrested last week and will remain detained until the end of his sentence.

Zakary Perron-Papineau and Olivier Smith forced a young man into prostitution.

Photos taken from Facebook, Longueuil Agglomeration Police Department

Zakary Perron-Papineau and Olivier Smith forced a young man into prostitution.

In the fall of 2020, his co-defendant Olivier Smith and he met the victim, a young man who presented a certain “slowness”, due to a head trauma suffered when he was a child, can we read in the agreed summary of facts.

The victim immediately expressed an interest in being an escort. But the 22-year-old wanted to do it with women.

Perron-Papineau and Smith repeatedly pushed him into male prostitution. They insisted on talking about the money they could make.

According to the young man, the co-defendants even went so far as to take photos of him in his underwear and published male escort ads on the GRINDR app.

Not a penny

Despite his refusal to offer homosexual sexual services, Olivier Smith called him in the middle of the night, in March 2021, to advise him that an appointment with a client was scheduled for the next day. The deal was that they split the money.

The young man was then forced to perform oral sex on a stranger, in addition to having full sex, during which the condom broke. He was paid $80.

But he didn’t get a penny in the end. Zakary Perron-Papineau instead kept his part, telling him to be able to pinball his money. Later that day, he told him he had another client for him. Perron-Papineau was arrested soon after.

If the victim agreed to offer sexual services against her will, it was because she “did not want to disappoint the co-defendants”, can we read in the court document. The young man considered them his friends. But he also said he was a little afraid of them, since his friends often boasted about their violent lifestyle.

Not a severe penalty

Even if he says he still has nightmares in connection with the “sexual assault” suffered by the client, the young man forced into prostitution has no resentment towards Zakary Perron-Papineau.

But he hopes that the latter will not make others experience what he had to undergo, summarized Monday in the courtroom the Crown prosecutor in charge, Me Ève Malouin, at the Longueuil courthouse.

The 20-year-old defendant received a 12-month prison sentence. This is a sentence that is “not particularly severe” admitted Me Malouin, presenting the common suggestion to the judge.

But it takes into account the “difficult life course of the accused”, who has had problems with drug use since the age of 12.

Olivier Smith for his part recently received a 15-month prison sentence for pimping.


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