A victim of the scammer Sánchez Pacheco: “I was thinking of taking my life”

  • In recent years, the scammer has sophisticated his tricks to the point of developing plots as complex as those of the medical ‘coworking’ he used in Barcelona.

Guys, immigrant, militant of PSOE, businessman, property. EL PERIÓDICO interviewed some of the victims of the swindler Tomás Sánchez Pacheco, who is in custody after being arrested fifteen times for fraud. The testimony of the victims, which is a heterogeneous list of those affected, shows the progress of the scammer in a few years: he started asking for money with lies and eventually led a criminal group specializing in complex scams.

His past in the PSOE

During the journey that Pedro Sanchez done for Spain to convince the PSOE bases that they should return him the general secretary of the party, there was a bus of supporters who followed him wherever he went. In one of his seats was Tomás Sánchez Pacheco. On those trips he met Santiago, a pensioner with whom he wanted to become friends. “He called me, told me he was alone, that we were going to eat,” he explained. Shortly afterwards, Sánchez Pacheco started asking him for money. “He told me he needed it and that he had no one & rdquor;. Santiago agreed to help him. He took 30,000 euros from him. He still owes her 12,000 euros. Sánchez Pacheco’s next strategies to keep someone else’s money would be much more elaborate, but with these tricks he gained liquidity.The image of the swindler behind a smiling Pedro Sánchez belongs to that time because he had just regained the leadership of the party. He left the party some time later, amid allegations of fraud against other militants such as Santiaga.

That photo, along with future President Sánchez, the scammer would use to add another layer of varnish to the character he embodied: he posed as the son of a wealthy Andalusian tuna fisherman, a doctor of medicine and a personal friend of the socialist leader, who thought to change him Minister of Health. That’s what it said.

the gym shop

In 2016, through a contact ad, Sánchez met Pacheco Ramon (false name), a thirty recently arrived in Spain who seduced him and became his partner. “He told me he could only come and live with me if we set up a business half & rdquor; he recalls. Sánchez Pacheco suggested renting a plot of land in the Plaza de Chueca and opening a franchise in it. for a well-known chain of product stores for gym users. “He convinced me to apply for four credits in my name – a total of 60 000 euros – and to sign the lease and the contract with the franchise,” details of Ramón. made me feel like I was not worth doing those procedures, it left me without self-esteem. I blindly trusted him & rdquor;. left the premises and the franchise to him. “He knew he was alone, that he had no one, and he did not care & rdquor ;, he reasoned. He assures that the worst was the psychological damage it caused him. “I’ve been locked up at home for a year, with agoraphobia, thinking about taking my own life.”


Antonio (false name) transferred the business of a cafeteria in the central district of Malasaña in Madrid to Sánchez Pacheco. The scammer bought it by offering bad checks. When Antonio realized the deception, Sánchez Pacheco had already taken possession of the cafeteria. “He stopped paying employees and suppliers, within a month the business collapsed,” explains Antonio, who after a few weeks managed to regain control of the bar but could not revive it. , because days later the premises were illegally occupied by tenants. posted by Sánchez Pacheco himself. That last move finally sank the cafeteria and cost Antonio more than 180,000 euros. This victim has created a platform for those affected. She currently lives abroad but prefers to remain, like her ex-boyfriend, anonymous.

real estate fraud

Eliana owns a small real estate agency in the Poble Sec neighborhood of Barcelona. Sánchez Pacheco rented one of the apartments he offered. To lure her, according to other victims, he used a strategy with which he had previously fraudulently rented apartments and was confirmed by police sources consulted. The scammer offered the documentation Eliana required for the lease, but delivered a bank receipt showing a transfer that had already been canceled. When Eliana found out, Sánchez Pacheco took possession of the apartment and to evict him she needed a court order. The purpose was not to get a place to live, it was to sublet the apartment to third parties. This has done so in the past in Madrid, where, according to the sources consulted, it came to house immigrant families who were unaware that they were occupying the house illegally and that they were the one who was eventually evicted.

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Medical collaboration

The investigation of the Mossos that could have put Sánchez Pacheco in jail preventively, could verify that he carried out a different kind of scam in Barcelona: he set up ‘medical coworkings’, or said he was setting up. “It was a triple scam,” underlined police sources, in which he put into practice everything he had learned over the past few years: he entangled the owners of the premises with false transfers, the computer companies because he did not pay for the computers. do not have. and also already resold the right doctors to them, to whom he leased consultations in the so-called cabinets. “If we had not arrested him, he would have continued to scam,” the Mossos remarked. Victims who have met him know this to be true.


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