A tweeter who threatened Canet’s family asks ‘I’m sorry’ but justifies his message

  • Several associations see hate crime in these insults and threats

The controversy created as a result of a Canet family that managed to enforce the sentence of 25% of the classes in Spanish in one of the schools in this town, continues to generate debate on social networks.

This family received many messages and tweets containing insults and threats. One of them was a user called Jaume Fàbrega who made a tweet where he said that “joined in stoning the child’s house“And he also asked that they leave Catalonia. He posted a tweet this Friday apologizing and argued that it was in no case a literal expression but rather a cliché and was misinterpreted.

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Faced with all these threats and insults, the TSJC has ordered “to preserve the protection and privacy” of the family. Many political groups and users of this social network showed their rejection of these comments.

The Hablamos Español association filed a complaint against the authors of these tweets and views these events as a hate crime, as announced by the president of the group, Ana Losada.


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