A tightrope walker in the sky of Paris

70 meters above the Parisians, the tightrope walker Nathan Paulin linked the Eiffel Tower to the Chaillot theater. A performance performed twice this weekend, Saturday, then Sunday.

Standing on a rope stretched between the Eiffel Tower and the Chaillot theater, Nathan Paulin s “advance.

This 27-year-old tightrope walker linked these two Parisian monuments, walking in balance, with the only insurance, a strap connected to a safety lanyard.

A performance performed twice this weekend, Saturday, then Sunday.

“It’s a bit of a dream to leave the Eiffel Tower and arrive at the Chaillot theater,” he confides on arrival. It was wonderful to share that with all the people who were there! “

Nathan Paulin is used to this kind of feat. He also holds more world records in this discipline called the “highline”, literally the high line.

“It’s very poetic”

This Saturday, Nathan Paulin moved 70 meters above the Parisian public, necessarily impressed.

« When we’re below, we feel like he’s gonna fall anytime », Comments Bruno, Parisian.

Beside her, another Parisian, Marion, is enthusiastic: “It’s extraordinary ! I have never seen that. It’s very poetic and really impressive! »

The crossing lasted half an hour.

Nathan Paulin performed his performance for Heritage Days. The opportunity for the tightrope walker to take and bring another perspective on Parisian monuments.


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