A thousand people demonstrate in Barcelona against the escalation of prices

  • Unions press for the Government to take measures to stop the increase in poverty

A thousand people have demonstrated this Wednesday afternoon in the center of Barcelona against the general price increase that is reducing the purchasing power of households. Between 1,000 attendees, according to the Guardia Urbana, and 3,000, according to CCOO and UGThave protested in the center of Barcelona and have demanded that the Government take measures to contain the fattening of basic bills that for months, and with special virulence after the outbreak of the war in ukraineworkers suffer.

The CPI in february is in the 7.6% and this has a direct effect on the ‘end of the month’ of the families: a third of the products of the shopping basket in the homes have risen more than 5% compared to the previous year, according to the latest data from Caixabank’s economic studies cabinet. The purchasing power of salaries It was already diminished during 2021, when the salaries agreed by collective agreement rose half that of inflation. Similar protests, sponsored by CCOO and UGT, have been replicated in the main cities of Spain. In Madrid, for example, the centrals have encrypted the participation in the march between 4,000 and 5,000 people

“Let’s curb prices, let’s avoid poverty”, was the motto that read the banner that led the march organized by CCOO, UGT, part of the taxi union and neighborhood associations. In a week in which carriers, agricultural organizations and fishermen have taken to the streets -mainly in ports and industrial estates- their demands for the rise in fuel prices, the majority unions have also wanted to set the Government’s agenda and remind it that in its plan response to the war cannot forget the workers or the most vulnerable groups. The Council of Ministers of the March 29 plans to approve a shock plan against the economic consequences of the war, about which neither Pedro Sanchez Not even his ministers have yet specified the measures.

“We are not going out into the streets to destabilize the country -in a clear allusion to the carrier strike-, we are going out into the streets to respond to the needs that citizens have. Which are none other than paying for electricity or the shopping basket a reasonable price”, declared the general secretary of the CCOO of Catalonia, Xavier Pacheco. “At a time as serious as the current one, wages need to rise in order to make it to the end of the month,” said the general secretary of the UGT of Catalonia, Camil Ross.

Social bonds and limits on electricity prices

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The conveners demand a direct control of the State of energy prices to avoid increases above 500 euros per megawatt/hour recently registered. Also generalized social bonds to shield the supply of families, they demand to avoid generalized tax cuts to companies and high incomes in order to maintain the redistributive capacity of the State and they demand to reinforce the basic income and other social protection instruments of the administrations; among others.

“Enough of speculation food”, “the living place is a right” or “experience does not pay the bills, it pays the practices paid”, have been some of the messages that have populated the banners that the attendees have worn during the protest, which has developed without incident. A platoon of four taxis have acted as advance guard and with their horns, in addition to a group of batucada , have acted as a soundtrack for the march, which began around six in the afternoon at the Urquinaona Square of Barcelona and, going down Via Laietanahas finished in the square Saint Jamesin front of the Palace of the Generalitat and the Barcelona’s town hall.

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