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Photo: Facebook Natalie Wester

Natalie Wester and her husband, José López-Guerrero, were kicked out of a Rowlett restaurant in Dallas, Texas for wearing face masks. The place they visited, Hang Time Sports Grill & Bar, has a no mask policy.

The context: Husbands wear protection in public – except for eating and drinking – because they have a four-month-old son with cystic fibrosis. In Texas, at the county level, individuals cannot be penalized for violating COVID-19 prevention mandates.

  • Within 30 minutes of being on site, their waitress approached the table and asked them to remove the mask, because in the restaurant they did not believe in its use.
  • Wester was “speechless” when the waitress gave him the manager’s message about wearing the masks.
  • The woman informed him that she did not feel comfortable without him, so the waitress that for that reason, they were going to have to close her account.

What do they say? Wester does not plan to take legal action against the business, he said. His goal in sharing his experience was to “encourage the owner to review their policies and their clients to maybe look again at who they are giving their money to.”

  • “I have spent my money in this business, I have put my blood, sweat and tears in this business and I do not want there to be face masks here,” emphasized the owner. “I think the general reaction to its use is ridiculous.”
  • “I know that right now with Covid the economy is very difficult. But I don’t think the way (Tom, the owner) runs his business is very professional, and it’s not very hospitable either, ”added the woman.

Main source of the news: CNN


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