A teacher suffers a broken coccyx due to the tripping of a student in Cantabria

A professor of the public school Miguel Primo de Rivera de Ampuero (Cantabria) has suffered a broken coccyx after a student I put the tripped up this Wednesday. The student threw the teacher when she was trying to get him to stop playing tag. ball inside class. The management of the center has already announced that in the coming days it will open a proceedings to the student, who has been expelled from school for five days as a preventative measure.

As the director of the center explained to Efe, Maria del Mar Iglesiasthe student, whom he describes as “quite problematic and impulsive“, was playing ball with another classmate in the classroom. While the teacher was trying to stop the game, the boy tripped him: “He fell on his back, with a sharp blow and passed out“, has related director. The teacher had to be transferred to the hospitalwhere they informed him that his coccyx had been broken by the drop.

According to Iglesias, who has expressed his support to any decision of the teacher about the possible interposition of a complaintthis student had a history of behaviors “aggressive and impulsive” towards other colleagues. Recently, he had been retired service dining room because his behavior was “unbearable” in said space.

Among the possible punishments that can be applied to the student for his aggression are the change of center educational, carrying out chores out of class schedulethe group change of class or suspension of the right of assistance to certain subjects.

these possible consequences would only take place if the professor decided to file a complaintsince it is about measures of application without prejudice to responsibilities penalties or civilians. For now, in addition to the retaliation mentioned above, the center has agreed to transfer what happened to the Ministry of Education from Cantabria.

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