A squad to counter armed violence in Montreal

A squad from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) patrols the streets to ensure that the resumption of nightlife takes place without violence.

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The Night Watch squad is in its second weekend and should also be present next weekend in Montreal.

“Operation Vigie Nocturne is an increased police presence in licensed places and also in unlicensed places. There, it’s full capacity and the return of normal hours, we expect to have more people coming to the city center and if you see situations that are degenerating, don’t be shy about the supervisors calling Eclipse. , explains Marco Breton, commander of the SPVM.

The night watch operation is part of the measures put in place by the SPVM to reduce the number of firearm violence on its territory. In 2021, the SPVM seized 674 firearms.

“We are in support of the PDQ for all violent crimes and crimes related to firearms,” ​​said a police officer.


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