A special law from Thursday to stop the anti-vaccine demonstrations

The government intends to table a special bill on Thursday to put an end to anti-vaccine demonstrations “in front of our schools”, the Prime Minister announced on Wednesday morning, Francois Legault.

“My patience has reached its limit regarding the anti-vaccine demonstrators in front of our schools. It does not make sense, at present, for us to try to intimidate our children, whether in schools or daycare services, ”he declared.

He added that he intended to present a special bill to the Council of Ministers in the afternoon. “I will then table the bill in the National Assembly and I ask for the collaboration of the three opposition parties and the independent deputy [Claire Samson] to be able to adopt this special bill tomorrow, ”he added.

Mr. Legault declared that there will be “obviously fines for those who do not respect the law”. To journalists who reminded him that the demonstrators were already accumulating these fines, he replied that “the law is the law”. “They will eventually have to pay them,” he said before continuing on his way to the Blue Room.

Further details will follow.

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