A son of Juan Carlos Escotet, president of Abanca, dies in an accident in Florida

The tragedy has shaken one of the most important families in national and international banking. The Escotet family is passing by right now one of his worst moments when confirming the sudden death of the youngest son of the clan: Juan Carlos Escotet Alviárez.

Apparently, according to information published by Venezuelan journalist Ángela Oráa, the incident that caused her death It would have happened in Keith, Florida, during the celebration of a fishing championship. The captain of the boat in which they were sailing bumped into Escotet JR’s partner, while he was going to help him with the rod, because he had managed to fish and was struggling to catch a fish. The young woman fell into the water and then Escotet jumped in to rescue her.

While they managed to get out alive and without a scratch to the surface, he did not suffer the same fate because of the ship’s propeller.

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Juan Carlos Escotet Alviárez, a graduate of the University of Miami, was responsible for Banesco USA, the United States division of Banesco, the financial firm whose flagship is Abanca. Together with Escotet JR they worked also his other two brothers.

The deceased young man was about to marry his partner. The wedding was to take place this year.

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