A slap from the CAQ in the face of the PQ

When I learned that the very sovereignist Caroline St-Hilaire was going to run for the CAQ, I thought I heard a loud slamming noise: it was the sound of the bellows in the face of the Parti Québécois!

That’s the $64,000 question: how was François Legault able to attract a certified sovereignist such as the very persuasive Caroline Saint-Hilaire to his ranks?

The latter served the cause of Quebec very well in Ottawa, within the Bloc.

She worked for a long time at the municipal chapter in Longueuil.

Moreover, Caroline St-Hilaire has never betrayed her loyalty to the Quebec cause on LCN, in particular, during debates against other panelists.

Among federalists

Our Caquist recruit will therefore run in Sherbrooke against the very well-rooted and very beloved solidarity MP, Christine Labrie. Who will win? I really do not know !

Frankly, I wonder what Ms. St-Hilaire is doing in the uniform of a timidly nationalist party where the federalist wing is forcing its leader not to go beyond well-established limits to keep Quebec very small in the Canadian straightjacket!

In my humble opinion, Mr.me St-Hilaire would have been more useful on the side of Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

The Parti Québécois would have needed this boost…


I dare to believe that if François Legault went to fish out a Caroline St-Hilaire, a “hyper ministerial” candidate, it was precisely to counterbalance the influence of the federalist wing within his cabinet.

I dare to hope that the CAQ will not change Ms. St-Hilaire, but rather the opposite!

I hope that this politician knows how to inspire courage in her leader who too often lacks it when Ottawa tells her no… no for the single tax report, no for immigration, no for Bill 101 among the feds …

And in any case, if Ms. St-Hilaire wins her election this fall, her presence will do great good to Simon Jolin-Barrette and the more nationalist wing of the CAQ.


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