A short hands-on clip shows pre-production of the Pixel 6 Pro

Google’s upcoming Pixel 6 Pro has been featured in a hands-on video posted online, giving viewers a good view of the back of the device and what appears to be a revamped settings screen.

Detected by a Discord user and uploaded to Twitter by Brandon Lee (@thisistechtoday), the video shows what appears to be a pre-production Pixel 6 Pro. In the short clip, the person holding the device shows the screen, turns the phone to reveal the rear glass, and then places it back on the screen.

While displaying the screen, you can make out the hole-punch camera centered at the top of the screen. The screen is black with outlines of colorful shapes that move across the panel. There’s a message at the bottom that says “Welcome to your Pixel”, along with typical initial setup options, like choosing your language.

When the phone is flipped over, viewers can briefly see how the screen curves over the edge. Also, you can see how big the bulge on the camera is.

Once the Pixel 6 Pro is flipped over, you can see the two-tone gray back panel. Thanks to the lighting in the video, it’s very clear that the Pixel 6 Pro has a glossy (unconvincing) back panel. You can also see what appears to be a messy Google ‘G’ logo: 9to5Google notes that pre-production Pixel devices often sport a similar logo.

Still, as much as I despise the glossy glass rear panels, the Pixel 6 Pro looks pretty good. This new handy leak builds on my enthusiasm for the Pixel 6 line.

Source: @thisistechtoday Via: 9to5Google

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