Other mass shooting has shaken this saturday USA. This time the stage has been a buffalo Supermarket, in upstate New York, where at least 10 people have died by the bullets according to anonymous police sources cited by the Associated Press agency. The suspicious of the massacre, according to those same sources, was in police custody.

The shooter, who witnesses have told police was wearing military-style clothing, entered the supermarket with a rifle and opened fire. The authorities believe that could be broadcasting live on social networks his actions and were investigating whether he had written a manifest. They are also investigating, always according to AP sources, if there could have been a possible racial motivation After the massacre, which took place in a predominantly black neighborhood about 5 miles north of downtown Buffalo, a city of a quarter of a million people.

Two witnesses who were in the parking lot of the Tops supermarket at the time of the events cited by the agency described the suspect as a young white teen, in his twenties, and they also said he was wearing camouflage clothing and a helmet.

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According to Gun Violence Database, in the United States there have been so far this year 198 mass shootingsbut this one from Buffalo is the deadliest of 2022. Now a little over a year ago, another 10 people died in another mass shooting at a supermarket in Colorado and the possible motivations of the man arrested in that case have not yet been made public.

The Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, has written a tweet assuring that he is closely following what happened and that he has offered support to local forces. However, the official did not give further details. According to a witness quoted by channel ABC7, between 20 and 30 shots were heard.

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