A sentence of 4 years of detention requested | Accused assaults woman at bus stop because he ‘wanted to fuck’

A Montreal man with mental health problems who brutally sexually assaulted a woman at a bus stop because he “wanted to fuck” risks being sentenced to four years in detention. Almost uncontrollable in the courtroom, Pierre Lafrance believes he does not “deserve” a sentence for his crime.

“I caused bodily harm to this 30-year-old woman, but I had wanted to fuck a woman for a long time. I didn’t kill her! She’s still alive! (…) I am disgusted to be in (the prison of) Bordeaux. I’m disgusted! 15 months in prison for nothing! For nothing ! », rages Pierre Lafrance, in the courtroom.

The 54-year-old Montrealer gave Judge Flavia K. Longo a hard time on February 28 when he pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault causing injury. Visibly disturbed, the accused lost his temper on numerous occasions. Sometimes he wanted to admit his guilt, sometimes he demanded a trial.

Does a trial mean that I will be released? I have difficulty understanding who is not guilty and who is guilty.

The accused, Pierre Lafrance

“I’m very, very nervous,” he continues, panicked. The judge then orders a break.

Back in the courtroom, Pierre Lafrance sobs while talking about his deceased mother. “I want to return to my brother as quickly as possible. I want to get out of prison! I have the right to freedom like everyone else. You are all free, I have the right to be free! Give me a chance, Mme the judge. I’m not a criminal! “, he begs.

At times, he vociferates or speaks so quickly that it becomes incomprehensible. Then a few seconds later, he apologizes and calmly says that the Crown prosecutor is a “very good gentleman.”

Pierre Lafrance has suffered from schizophrenia for years. He has also been hospitalized 13 times at the Philippe-Pinel Institute of Forensic Psychiatry since the 1980s.

Despite his mental state, he is indeed criminally responsible for the sordid attack committed on October 25, 2022, according to a psychiatrist.

A violent attack

That morning, Pierre Lafrance had an irremediable sexual urge. He also admits to having had such impulses around fifty times, but without taking action. He then attacked a woman who was waiting for the bus near Maisonneuve Park, in eastern Montreal.

Sexual assault is particularly violent. After questioning her about her ethnic origin, Pierre Lafrance grabs the woman by the throat and throws her to the ground. When she runs away, he catches up with her and pushes her against a vehicle. He hurts her by scratching her genitals.

“Mr. Lafrance will then throw her to the ground again. He will take Madame’s head with both hands and hit her on the ground several times. He then drags her and takes off one of her shoes. Mr. Lafrance will bite the victim’s thighs. She will manage to escape and a Good Samaritan will call 911 and take care of her,” summarized the Crown prosecutor, Mr.e Charles Doucet.


The Crown prosecutor, Mr.e Charles Doucet

Despite the violence of the crime, Pierre Lafrance minimizes his actions several times during the hearing. On two occasions, he demands his freedom, saying that the woman is “still alive”.

An “obvious” risk of recurrence

A judge had also ordered his continued detention in December 2022 due to his dangerousness. “You represent an obvious risk: if you regain freedom, there is a danger for women. (…) The circumstances are extremely dangerous,” concluded Judge Erick Vanchestein.

At the next hearing, lawyers will suggest a sentence of four years in prison, less time served preventatively. He should therefore have approximately two years left to serve, if the judge approves the common suggestion. A sentence which, however, seemed too long for the offender.

Pierre Lafrance asked his lawyer if he would soon be released from prison. “In April 2024? At my party in May? Will I be able to spend my birthday with my brother? “, he asked.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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