A return home without the Ultras for CF Montreal

For the past fifteen months, the Montreal Impact, or CF Montreal, has played local games in varying conditions to say the least; at Olympic Stadium, Florida, New Jersey, at Saputo Stadium in front of a handful of spectators, then in front of larger crowds. On Saturday, the Montreal players will make their return after a two-week absence, but without some of their most ardent supporters.

On Thursday afternoon, center-back Rudy Camacho and midfielder Victor Wanyama had to answer almost as many questions about the closure of Section 132, announced the day before by team management, as they did about the visit to Nashville. SC Saturday.

Section 132, located behind one of the two nets, is the one that unites, in particular, members of the Ultras, among other supporters. The management of CF Montreal has decided to close it indefinitely from Saturday’s game. The team said repeated acts of violence, verbal and physical aggression, intimidation and vandalism, as well as the frequent use of smoke, incendiary devices and other unauthorized pyrotechnics, continued to increase. in section 132.

Without eluding, Camacho and Wanyama spoke on the issue. But they did it with caution.

“I hope there won’t be a big impact, there was a good atmosphere in the last matches,” commented Camacho, who will miss this important duel due to an accumulation of yellow cards.

“To be honest, I don’t know the whole story, and I don’t really want to talk about it as I don’t know the whole story, but I believe there will be more. supporters. So, I hope that the other supporters will be there for us and that there will be the same atmosphere as in previous matches. It might help us. We’re playing against a big team and we’re going to need our supporters, ”added Camacho.

For Wanyama, a team always needs the support of their supporters. However, he implied, certain gestures simply do not belong. “I think the fans are a very important part of the sport, and everyone wants the fans to be there. But there is no room in soccer for violence and intimidation, ”noted the Kenyan.

Ends of matches

The mere mention of Nashville SC does not bring back fond memories to CF Montreal players.

The Tennessee team, resulting from the enlargement of the frameworks which preceded the start of the 2020 season, has a record of a win and two draws against the Montreal team since entering the Garber circuit.

The two draws came this season, in games played at the home of Nashville SC and in which CF Montreal let slip a 2-0 lead on April 24, then a 1-0 lead on June 26.

In this last game, Wilfried Nancy’s men conceded the tying goal in the fourth minute of stoppage time in the second half. “We try to do our best and try to keep a lead as long as we can, but these are things that can happen,” Wanyama recalled when asked about the team’s past failures. in the last moments of some parts.

“We learned from that, and I think we’ve started to improve in that regard. We hope to be able to continue in this vein. “

The match will bring together two teams who are having good times. CF Montreal (8-7-7) haven’t lost in their last four outings (2-0-2), while Nashville SC (9-2-11) has a three-win record and a draw. in his last four outings.

In addition, CF Montreal has still not lost at the stadium in 2021. As for Nashville SC (1-2-5), they only have one victory away from home, acquired in their last game on the road. , on August 28 in Atlanta.

According to Camacho, the Nashville SC is a quality rival. A rival with a differential of over 16 in terms of goals scored and conceded. In comparison, that of CF Montreal is more than 3.

“We know that Nashville is a good team at the moment. She’s been playing well since the start of the season too, and right now she’s even better, ”he noted.

“We will have to be solid in our surface. (His players) play a lot on crosses and also on counter attacks. We will have to be vigilant behind. “

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