A reader’s complaint: rust and darkness in the gardens of Elisard Sala de Barcelona

Residents of Calle de Berlín ask the Town Hall for better maintenance of the gardens of Elisard Sala, in the Sants district of Barcelona. The City Council claims to have several actions scheduled to resolve these problems as soon as possible.

live together the gardens of Elisard Sala, a hard square with several green parterres, It is a small privilege considering the gray cement and black asphalt predominant in that bordering area of ​​the Sants neighborhood. The stillness and silence in this interior block open to the public –except when night falls, when it closes its doors- contrast with the hustle and bustle of Numància and Berlin, two of the roads that delimit this green space. However, some elements require better maintenance, explains a reader, José Ángel Gómez, a resident of Berlin’s number 30, located at one of the entrances to the gardens. This access -the main one is located on Robrenyo street- shows a certain state of abandonmentaccording to some neighbors. “We have repeatedly complained about the state of the lighting in the corridor and the fence. The City Council does nothing but give us long & rdquor ;, Gómez writes in a letter addressed to the section BETWEEN ALL.

This access from Calle de Berlín, barely 10 meters long, leads to a staircase with ramps that small children use as a slide. “It is a place very frequented by young children, and more so now that a nursery has opened & rdquor ;, emphasizes the reader, who considers that the state of the fence, “rusty and decomposed & rdquor ;, poses a risk to children.

The Bressol Dracs School He left his lifelong premises in the neighboring Vallespir street and settled on the ground floor of Berlin, 30 last September. her director, Nora Gonzalez, He explains to this newspaper that they have municipal permission to use it as a children’s play area located in a corner of the gardens. It is enjoyed by 16 boys and girls, between zero and three years old. While the little ones can’t help but knock on the door with their little hands at recess, the headmistress is more concerned children’s playground design. The recommended age range, according to the label, is from 6 to 12 years: “We would prefer something more suitable for the little ones, something simple that allows them to experiment, with more natural materials such as wood,” he says.

Corridor lighting, with one of the panels shattered, is on the town hall’s to-do list, according to the reader, who poses at this point in the gardens a “post-apocalyptic atmosphere a la Walter Hill”, referring to the cult film about vandalism and gangs entitled ‘The Warriors’ . “Decadence” is the word chosen by the president of the community of owners, Christina Gomez, to describe this entry. He agrees with the reader and expands on the complaint: “Since we are at one end of the Sants neighborhood We are the great forgotten. You just need to take a look on the opposite sidewalk, which belongs to Les Corts. Everything is much cleaner there & rdquor ;, assures the president, who says she has been behind the issue of the fence and lighting since October with repeated complaints sent to the town hall.

From the City Council they explain to this newspaper that they already have scheduled a repair and repainting action of the access door, in poor condition mainly due to erosion caused by dog urine. Regarding lighting, municipal sources explain, it is being assessed whether the current light levels are correct: “In the coming days it will be evaluated whether it is pertinent to update any of the light points by led technology to improve the sensation of light & rdquor ;, they explain. In short, it is about improving the light sensation and progressively introducing more efficient technologies, following the criteria established in the City Council’s Lighting Master Plan.

The maintenance of the passageway, the same sources point out, is shared: the correct lighting and the good condition of the fence is the responsibility of the council, but not the cleaning of this private space open to the passage, which corresponds to the community of owners.

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