A public teacher retirement fund in South Korea to invest in a bitcoin ETF

As the adoption of cryptocurrencies expands around the world, more and more financial tools to invest in them and stakeholders begin to diversify. In recent days, one of the largest pension funds in South Korea announced that it will invest in a fund of bitcoin publicly traded (ETF) as of 2022.

It’s about the Korean Teacher Credit Union (KTCU), a public fund that provides benefits to retired teachers, and currently manages about $ 40 billion in assets.

The fund will not directly buy bitcoins, as companies such as MicroStrategy O TeslaInstead, they are exposed to the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency through an ETF. South Korea’s first crypto fund will be launched in the middle of next year.

The specialists highlighted the KTCU announcement as a real indication that the cryptocurrency is gaining a place among the best investment options, even in the eastern hemisphere. Thus, they believe that the market gradually leaves behind the murmurs that questioned its transparency and effectiveness and accelerates its step towards global adoption.


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