A PSOE councilor arrested in Zaragoza for gender violence

  • The mayor, denounced by his wife, is waiting to go to judicial disposition

The Socialist councilor of the Zaragoza City Council Ignacio Magana He is detained in police stations, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexist violence, as confirmed by the National Police. The mayor was arrested after the complaint of his wife for mistreatment, which took place this Saturday. At the moment, Magaña is waiting to be brought to justice.

Apparently, there was a struggle in the course of which the 42-year-old councilor threatened his wife, physically assaulted her and even wielded a knife that approached his body.

The arrest of the Zaragoza mayor was recorded on Saturday afternoon, according to sources from the Higher Headquarters of Justice of Aragon. Apparently the wife she was injured in one hand and one foot.

The councilor stated at the police station that he was very nervous and he suffered from tachycardia, for which he had to be taken to a medical center for an examination.

Magaña is part of the socialist group in the City Council since the last municipal elections and has previously held various positions, both in the Zaragoza Provincial Council and in the Cortes, in which he was a Zaragoza deputy. He also held a position of responsibility in the Torrero socialist board.

It so happens that the councilor was fined in June 2020 for driving at excessive speed and lacking insurance. It was going 68 per hour in a section limited to 30, along the Imperial Canal. A fine of 400 euros was imposed on him and he lost four points on his card.

The PSOE puts the case in the hands of the party leadership

In the municipal group of the Socialist Party they have pointed out that the matter has been put in the hands of the direction of training. They have also indicated that the presumption of innocence must be respected, but that, if the facts are verified and they are true, their hand will not shake, alluding to the possible adoption of disciplinary measures. Magaña is not considered a violent person by his fellow party members.

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Sara Fernández, deputy mayor of Zaragoza for Citizens, stated this afternoon that, “if the facts are confirmed“, wait to “there is a resignation by the councilor”. He added that he regretted that there had been no public reaction from the Socialist Party. Sexist violence, he pointed out, is “a very delicate issue” and “a scourge that does not understand ideologies or acronyms”, so the institutions and political parties must be “exemplary.”

“In the City Council of Zaragoza we have always been forceful with these facts and that is why we ask the Socialist Party to give explanations about the facts,” he said, for his part, María Navarro, municipal spokesperson for the PP.


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