A projectile found near Radio-Canada

A projectile was discovered Friday afternoon by a security guard in the parking lot of the former Maison de Radio-Canada, in downtown Montreal.

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) says it has opened an investigation, while specifying that no gunshots had been heard before near the studios of the state corporation.

The police also indicated that no direct threat to Radio-Canada had been reported recently.

“We do not know the source and it could be a long time since the ball is there”, specified the spokesperson of the SPVM, Jessica Lalonde.

The police force searched back and forth Friday afternoon this parking lot which faces Wolfe Street, but no other projectiles were found there.

Despite everything, the management of Radio-Canada claims to take this situation very seriously, while the media have often been taken to task in recent months by various groups.

“It is certain that we do not take this lightly at all and it is certain that we are taking the necessary measures to protect our employees” insists Marc Pichette, spokesperson for the public service.



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