A proactive spirit after the State of the Union speech

After the speech on the State of the Union place for comments from MEPs. The main groups at the center of the political spectrum have been accommodating after the intervention of the President of the European Commission.

Many MEPs insist on current challenges such as the effects of the health crisis on the weakest. “The pandemic has exacerbated the difficulties and inequalities of an unjust economic model. The most vulnerable groups are those who have suffered the most and continue to suffer“, insists the president of the Social Democratic group in the hemicycle Iratxe García Pérez. The Spaniard evokes the case of the elderly, children and health personnel. But she also issues a warning.”We must not forget the immigrants who risk becoming the scapegoats for populist and xenophobic messages“.

The Liberals call on the President of the European Commission to fight even further against attacks on the rule of law. “Almost everywhere in Europe, we see centers of illiberalism developing. These hotbeds of illiberalism, we must put them out, Madam President, before the fire spreads“, warns the leader of the centrist group Dacian Ciolos.

The Greens, for their part, warn the Commission of the weaknesses of its climate policy. They are asking for a profound transformation of society. “Sustainable and fair production costs more. We must therefore transform our tax and social systems so that each and everyone can afford to live with dignity.“, emphasizes Philippe Lamberts.

The debate which followed the intervention of the President of the Commission did not lead to heated exchanges. MEPs seem to want to indicate that only a spirit of cooperation will allow European challenges to be met.


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