• “We believe that the tortilla should be represented with an emoticon just as it was done with the paella a few years ago”, municipal sources explain

The Coruña Municipality of Betanzos, known for making the best Spanish omelette, launched an outreach campaign on social media to present the official request by which it announces the emoticon designed by Spanish tortilla, with the aim of incorporating it into the international digital language.

“We believe the tortilla should be presented with an emoticon just like it was done with paella a few years ago“, municipal sources explained to Efe on the occasion of this promotion in networks with which they strive that there is a great social demand for this emoji.

The mayor of Betanzos, María Barral, presented it at Fitur last week emoticon sketch with the Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, so that “every time we invite someone, every time we talk about tortillas, we use the image of this product in our applications”.

The commitment to this image of the tortilla is based on the fact that It’s part of the daily life of Spanish gastronomy and for this reason Betanzos wants it also in the mobile applications like WhatsApp, one of the most widely used around the world. And who is better to advance this goal than Betanzos, the municipality that has the best tortilla, a benchmark for this product in Spain.

already offered sketch with the specifications required by the Unicode consortium, the organization that manages and administers the character coding standard of the computer industry and that allows these codes to be viewed in a similar and consensual manner across all devices, applications and platforms.

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The image can be edited from the sketch. “We know this should be a general image of the tortilla, it can not only be focused on the Betanzos tortilla, although the proposed image is part of our poster for Tortilla Week. It is a product composed of potato and egg, in which even the most liquid egg can be seen. It is our tortilla that wants to make us internationally visible & rdquor ;, says Barral.

The proposal already has the support of many people across Spain, adds municipal sources, and it is expected that In about three months I will be part of the call for this year of the consortium.

Tortilla Week

“We have the hoteliers dedicated to the tortilla, many people come to try it, they call us from all over Spain and that is why we are very excited about this project,” they point out to the City Council.

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Every October, Tortilla Week is celebrated in Betanzos to which twenty institutions are offered; the champion, O Pote, and Casa Miranda, a veteran restaurant in this competition, are among the most popular to taste tortillas.

This impetus and the repercussion of this sector on an economic level in the municipality helps to focus the City Council’s initiatives to promote “that Betanzos is a measure in tortilla and also does so with an emoticon”.


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