Mayor Bruno Marchand announced that the promised plenary committee on the tram will be held on March 15, at the municipal council.

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The mayor launched Monday’s council meeting by addressing the subject of the tramway. The plenary committee had been requested by the Quebec 21 formation, but it is interesting for all the parties on the council, indicated the mayor.


“We will take the time to discuss and dialogue. Elected officials will be able to ask their questions to the various speakers, so as to provide an overview which will complement what has already been done on the tramway.

In addition, the project’s steering committee will meet on Tuesday, for the first time since the November 7 election. As for the citizen consultations, they will begin on February 28. We will start with the Montcalm sector, said the mayor. Then follow, in order or in disorder, the Chaudière, Saint-Charles-Garnier, Saint-Roch and D’Estimauville sectors.

Social networks

In addition, starting this week and on a weekly basis, the City will answer citizens’ questions on social networks. “The more we talk about it, the better,” reacted the leader of the official opposition, Claude Villeneuve. He is also delighted with the holding of the first meeting of the steering committee, of which he is a member. “I am very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​participating in this meeting. We are entering an exciting period.”


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