A perverse ex-physio gets 11 months in prison

A former physiotherapist who sexually assaulted two patients was sentenced today to 11 months in prison, in addition to the six-year radiation that had already been imposed by his professional order.

“We had two vulnerable women, he was there to treat them,” lamented Mand Louise Blais, of the Crown, before Edgar Tobon took the road to the cells.

It is that Tobon, 61, had abused the trust of patients in order to attack them in 2018.

The first victim had presented to his clinic for pain. Except that the physiotherapist had taken advantage of the treatment to run his hands under the woman’s pants and underwear.


“I felt like a prisoner, I froze,” the woman said in a letter read to the court today. My body was in shock and my thoughts were racing. I isolated myself, I experienced guilt. It’s hard to trust health professionals and people in general. »

The second victim was also touched by Tobon, including the buttocks. And like the first victim, she was badly affected by the criminal acts of the therapist she trusted.

“I suffered a shock, my morale was destroyed,” she wrote in a letter to the court.

This victim was so traumatized that she stopped her treatments undertaken to alleviate her pain.

Also an investigator

Following these events, complaints had been lodged both with the police and with the professional order of Tobon.

A representative of the syndic had been sent incognito on the spot and at the second session, Tobon had also made sexual gestures on her.

“The Respondent abused his status […]he abused the vulnerability of patients and the trust they had in him,” read the disciplinary decision ordering Tobon’s disbarment until 2024.

However, the investigator did not file a complaint with the police, so the physiotherapist was never criminally charged for these actions.

However, he had to face justice for the other two victims. And he quickly pleaded guilty to sexual assault.

“Since then, he has lost everything,” said his lawyer, Luc Simard, explaining that his client had undergone therapy, and that he was still trying to understand why he had taken these actions.

In addition to his 11-month sentence, Tobon will have to submit to two years probation, during which he will not be able to approach the victims. He will also be on the sex offenders register until his death.


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