A pedophile fled from New York is arrested in Barcelona

One of the most wanted pedophiles by American justice spent a season in Oviedo teaching english classes in an academy while security forces from around the world tried to find his whereabouts. Civil Guard agents arrested GOO on September 22 in Barcelona, a 64-year-old New York neighbor that shortly before sitting on the dock in 2012 for exchanging abundant pedophile material found in the Asturian capital the starting point of an escape of almost a decade by different points of the European geography.

House arrest and escape

The escaped was arrested in 2010 following a major operation against trafficking in pedophile material, he was in house arrest and when he was finally going to be judged managed to get rid of her bracelet location and cross the Atlantic. His first stop was Oviedo, where he distributed clean resumes of any kind of antecedent, achieving a position like teacher in an English academy.

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Fearing being located, the fugitive from US justice He went first to Berlin and then to London. In both destinations he continued to dedicate himself to teaching before moving to Barcelona, ​​where he acquired Spanish nationality in 2018, changing the order of the surnames and from where he continued teaching online classes.

Thanks to the investigations carried out by the team of escapees from justice of the UCO in collaboration with the judicial police of the Civil Guard of Catalonia, the fugitive could be arrested and brought before the court of instruction number 2 of the National Court, which will assess its extradition.


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