A new hospital downtown, but not at any price, says Équité Outaouais

The group, made up of Action Santé Outaouais and Équité Outaouais, among others, expressed its grievances on Wednesday during a press conference during which they called for the construction of a real regional hospital, accessible to all vulnerable people in the Outaouais.

A site in the city center, perhaps, but at any price. »

A quote from Equity Outaouais

The two organizations point out that the vulnerable population is not only found in the Hull sector. It is also in Gatineau, in the Aylmer sector, in the Pontiac, in the Haute-Gatineau Valley and in the Montebello region. Some people are closer to health services while others are further away and have to travel.

For care to be accessible, it must be decentralized, especially with regard to front-line services.declares Jean Pierre Deslauriers, spokesperson for the social environment at Équité Outaouais, in a press release.

A map showing the preferred location for the new hospital.

The chosen site would rather be on Boulevard de la Technologie, located north of the city of Gatineau, along Highway 5.

Photo: Radio-Canada

A hospital for all

Construction must also take the future into account, continues Mr. Deslauriers. The worst mistake would be to restrict the site to the space needed to build the hospital: on the contrary, we need a lot of space to meet the needs that will arise.

“There will be many developments to come and we must now provide the space necessary for possible expansions, declared in support Gilles Aubé, the spokesperson for health.

It will be more than a hospital, it will be a health campus, he says. The Outaouais Affiliated University Hospital Center (CHAU) will be at the heart of a vast complex, with a teaching and research pavilion, a CHSLDa birthing and midwifery centre, a cancer hostel, etc.

An architecture that heals

The president of Action Santé Outaouais, Denis Marcheterre, insists that the new hospital be bright, airy, in a beautiful intimate site that promotes patient healing.

In study after study, researchers have come to the conclusion that a hospital that heals takes into account [ces] factorshe explained. The state of health does not only depend on the quality of care, but also on the quality of urbanization, the quality of the environment and living conditions.

Would a site right in the center take into account each of these conditions? »

A quote from Denis Marcheterre, President of Action Santé Outaouais

A hospital where it is good to stay is also a good place to work. Suzanne Tremblay, education spokesperson for Équité Outaouais, maintains that the construction of a pavilion for the teaching of health sciences would bearer of better formation and retain the workforce in the Outaouais.

Ms. Tremblay states that there is more than 12,000 of our young people who have to leave the Outaouais to study outside the region. It is therefore necessary to open new programs and also to provide for the construction or expansion of educational establishments..

Thus, we would keep our expertise and we would attract young people from other regions to our region, she said.

Two women are walking three dogs.

The Technology Park, located on the boulevard bearing the same name, is the site recommended by the Legault government.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jacques Corriveau

Location is still unknown

The site recommended by the Legault government is located outside the city center, north of the Hull sector, on Technology Boulevard, in the Hautes-Plaines district.

The choice of site, however, aroused a wave of opposition which favored a location in the city center.

The Quebec government hinted that an announcement related to the future hospital would be made shortly, without giving further details.


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