This Friday the case of a neighbor from L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) that on May 29, 2017, he was found on the street from one day to the next without being able to recover his belongings despite having a ccurrent rental agreement and pay rent on time.

According to his lawyer, Mark Garcia, Banco Sabadell began a process of foreclosure for non-payment of the owner of the apartment without notifying the tenant despite the fact that the Law requires it. To speed up the process, he adds, the bank provided an act indicating that the house was not rented. When, upon detecting these irregularities, the court annulled the procedure and forced the bank to return the house, the latter said that it was not possible because it had been busy.

At the gates of the Court of First Instance number 1 of L’Hospitalet, the tenant explains that, when he arrived home around noon on the day of the events, he found the lock changed without anyone giving him any explanation.

In fact, he insists, he was unable to remove the furniture, which he had paid for, or recover his belongings. Shortly before, the judicial commission, which in the release order stated that there were signs on the floor of being busyhad shown up at the house and handed over the keys to the bank.

“They got very violent”

After denouncing the facts to the Mossos d’Esquadra the same Friday the 29th, he stood guard during the weekend in front of the house to “protect & rdquor; his belongings waiting for the court to allow him to enter the house to, at least, recover them. It was then that he saw several people leave the apartment throwing their clothes and other belongings into the trash.

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“They had occupied the flat in a few hours and were throwing my clothes in the trash. When I told them that I was the tenant of the flat and that those were my things, they got very violent and they told me to leave & rdquor ;, he says.

Although he has sued Sabadell Bank for damages and claims compensation, ensures that nothing will compensate for the damage that has been done to him because, almost five years later, he still “carries” both the psychological and economic “trauma”. “I lost it from one day to the next doing things right. I had paid a finance €1,800I had a valid contract and paid the monthly payments on time, and even so I stayed on the street & rdquor ;, he remembers.

1,500 euros for the keys

The man regrets that since these events his life has not been as he had planned. As an example, he recalls that he had everything ready to take his children from Bolivia to live with him, but that when he ran out of money and homeless he had to postpone it and now it is no longer possible to do family reunification because they are of legal age. .

Your lawyer, from the office Legal Atelier, explains that once the Urban Guard showed up at the flat two years later, its occupant explained that two years ago he had paid 1,500 euros to a stranger for the keys. Here, the lawyer remembers that it is “unfortunately & rdquor; usual this “set of keys & rdquor; with recently evicted homes.

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“I don’t know why this was done. If it was due to negligence or abuse of the bank. What is clear is that, whatever the causes, the only one affected is me, who is in a very limited economic situation and a moral damage that does not have price”, points out the plaintiff, who demands justice.

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Although the trial was supposed to be this Friday seen by sentence, a new failure to appear by the occupant of the flat that Urban Guard identified in 2020 and that the defense proposed as a witness, will force a new session to be held on July 14.

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