A neighbor from other ground floors prevented the fire in the Eixample bar from spreading on Avenida de Roma

  • The “fireballs” melted the propylene roof of his basement and entered his local-housing. She suffocated him before he set fire to the entire property and spread to the farm

Chance sometimes has devastating effects, but other times it works little miracles. Toni Marí, a merchant and resident of Avenida de Roma, 86, should have been in the city of Valencia, where he is moving, but in the end he spent the night in Barcelona and was able to prevent not only his premises from burning as a result of the block fire de València, 73, but possibly extended to upper floors of his estate. The cold of the last few days did the rest, because if so many sales hadn’t been closed, it would undoubtedly have slipped into other homes.

The businessman, who 15 years ago set up the Hifi Studio Roma store, on two levels, has a living area in the upper part, where he stays in Barcelona. He is currently moving his business to the Valencian community, but last night he chose to stay in the city. “I heard a dull ‘boom’ as if a floor was collapsing, then silence, and then I saw the flash, They fell like balls of fire through the courtyard of lights”. His establishment has an entrance from the street and a kind of skylight at the back that gives natural light to the rest of the space and on which the fire rained.

The chance could have been fateful, since that roof was glass, but after several breakages due to objects that had fallen from the upper floors, the community ended up replacing most of the pieces with others of polycarbonate. This Tuesday, the glass one remained whole while the “liquid fire” and fallen embers melted the rest, sneaking into his building.

The man was awake, trying to “break a Tetris record” when it all came crashing down and he had the reflexes to rush down and pull out the rug on the bottom floor (under the skylight) before it caught fire. “When I took it out, the fire that fell on the floor (of tiles) was extinguished”

Damage to the entire property

As he did so, he saw those incandescent balls also slip down the side of his internal staircase, also full of ashes this morning. The wall has been left completely black by the smoke and the sinister. At full speed she removed the store’s expensive stereos, as well as any textiles she might catch on fire. “I couldn’t vacate without being sure this wasn’t going to burn, It could have been very serious.”. Finally, the firemen made him get out.

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Had he not been cold-blooded, the fire could have spread mercilessly through carpets and furniture to the top, reaching the bedroom and from there to other homes. “The wind has blown the initial fire into the courtyard, but luckily, as it had been cold, many windows were closed and it could not do any more damage.” In her premises there was also nothing open that could feed the floor with drafts, turned into a brazier, and that the insurer has already visited today.

He was not surprised by the outcome of the champi bar, because the problems generated by the tenant who arrived a few months ago were ‘vox populi’. But that was not known at four in the morning, when they had to go out into the street and still did not know the source of the incident. “We were four hours in the street, afraid, but we have to give a 10 to all the emergency services,” she concludes.

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