A mother arrested in Valencia for abandoning her daughter to go to the disco

Agents of the Civil Guard detained a mother on Saturday who went to the Sueca barracks in Valencia at dawn. not finding his 10-year-old daughter inside the vehicle in which he had left her to go to a disco. Local Police agents had previously helped the girl, who called the Emergency telephone number to request help when she was wet and alone. The car was parked on a street in the municipality.

The girl did not know the exact place where she was, as she did not reside in Sueca, but the agents managed to locate her within minutes. It was with wet clothes, nervous and crying. The guards calmed her down and offered her food and warm clothing. She was attended by an agent of the Local Police with training in psychology to “try to avoid, or minimize as much as possible, the consequences of this unpleasant experience,” according to municipal sources yesterday.

Consciously leave her

At the same time, proceedings began against the mother for an alleged crime of abandonment of minors, having consciously left the minor alone “with serious risk to her integrity or her life.” Similarly, the incident was reported to the Department of Social Services so that they could follow up on the case to guarantee the rights of the minor.

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The mother was later arrested for an alleged crime of abandoning family obligations in the barracks, to which she went when she could not find her daughter in the car. The Councilor for Citizen Security, Carlos Ramírez highlights the “humanity and sensitivity” of the agents, who “went out of their way” to provide care for the girl and try to mitigate the possible traumatic effects.

The Swedish Local Police also had to attend on Saturday the incidents caused by the rain and the concentrations and bottles of young people in the leisure areas of the city.


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