A Moroccan runs over several people on a terrace in Murcia and kills one person

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Tragedy in a restaurant specializing in typical food from England and India: Roldán’s Hone’s Bar. “A car was circling the road and it came very fast and crashed into the terrace”, as Prabh told EL ESPAÑOL. “He was going very, very, fast and he came straight to the terrace“, insisted Prabh, one of the waiters of the place, 20 years old, unable to believe what happened this Friday, at two fifteen in the afternoon.

Immediately, the Single Emergency Telephone has received a dozen calls alerting of what happened with testimonies that were terrifying even for the technicians of the 112 switchboard who are used to hearing events of all kinds. “A vehicle has invaded the terrace: There are many people lying on the ground!”Claimed one of the callers demanding that ambulances be mobilized to attend to the four injured, initially, two of them in serious condition.

At the moment, there are two deceased, one of them is one of the clients, a British citizen, between 40 and 45 years old, and the driver of the vehicle that has devastated the restaurant’s terrace, a Moroccan, living in El Jimenado, from between 25 and 30 years. In the area there are three ambulances mobilized, various units of the Local Police and the Civil Guard.

Images of the outrage on the terrace of Roldán’s restaurant.


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