A macro-bottle of 25,000 young people collapses the University City of Madrid: “I’m vaccinated”

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A macro-bottle called by social networks has gathered around 25,000 young people this morning on the campus of the Complutense University of Madrid, according to figures from the Municipal Police. In the images shared by the assistants themselves, a large crowd could be seen in the surroundings of the faculties without distance or mask. Also tonight a similar bottle took place at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), which has caused a collapse in the roads that give access to the site.

It is estimated that around 25,000 people have attended the Madrid bottle, who have accumulated in the surroundings of the María Zambrano library and the Faculty of History of the Complutense University, no safety distance and in many cases without the use of a mask or other security measures.

The Municipal Police were in the area from past midnight to 7:00 am, “but without prior notice from the University and, therefore, without the corresponding prepared operation, dissolving some 25,000 people is an almost impossible task.”

For this reason, the surveillance and control tasks focused on avoiding incidents, especially on the roads and around the Metro. The objective of avoiding serious incidents was achieved, given the very high confluence of people.

The presence of the Municipal Police made the assembled people leave, but the absence of means of transportation at that time made it “very slow.” Among other units, troops from the Comprehensive District Unit (especially Moncloa), UCES, Sections and the Air Support section (drones).

Among the crowd in a festive atmosphere you could hear shouts like “We are all vaccinated”, “Are you from Pfizer or Moderna?”.

This macro-bottle takes place after classes began at the university and just two days after the onight service reopens until 06:00 in the Community of Madrid.

Saturated wagons in Barcelona

For its part, the Barcelona macro-bottle began to cause problems on the roads around 11:30 p.m., when caravans were registered to access the campus by car, located next to the AP-7 motorway, parallel to the high-capacity road B- 30, and next to the junction that connects them with the C-58 and N-150, among others.

Likewise, users of the FGC narrate on social networks how the wagons going to Bellaterra were saturated with young, some of whom drank, sang and smoked inside the convoy.

The first trains of this morning still registered a significant number of young people from the party, who were traveling back to Barcelona after the macro-bottle.

The celebration of the party, initially called by people who said they belonged to an engineering faculty of the university, caused the Mossos to move various teams from various police units to the area to control access and intervene in some of the fights that have been recorded, although this morning there is still no record of injuries and arrests.

This device was developed in collaboration with members of the university’s private security, who were in charge of controlling the development of the party inside the university campus.

The celebration of the macro-party at the university coincides with the maintenance of the measures that limit the activity of nightlife in Catalonia due to the pandemic in the last weekend of the summer, which coincides with the resumption of academic activity.


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