A longer ski season thanks to snowfall

The 25 centimeters of snow that fell last weekend allowed the ski resort at Parc du Mont-Saint-Mathieu to further extend its activities.

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With the large amount of snow on the ground, the station is convinced that it will continue its activities until its closure on April 17.

“We currently have 135 cm of snow on the ground. If it’s not a record, it’s not far. January, February, it was difficult because it was extremely cold,” rejoices Éric Verreault, general manager at Parc du Mont-Saint-Mathieu.

Once again this year, the ski season took place in the context of a pandemic. Until recently, the vaccine passport was mandatory, but according to the leaders, the measure imposed by Quebec will not have had a major impact on the traffic of followers.

“There were about two to three percent cancellations,” confirms Mr. Verreault. Daily skiers: it is more difficult to assess, but we felt a certain revival when the passport was cancelled. But at the same time we were more at the end of the season, and after spring break. We don’t have data to say: it’s an increase [en raison de l’annulation du passeport vaccinal]“, he explains.

“Our skiers and snowboarders have really collaborated. They respected sanitary measures throughout the season. They were really there. We can thank them for that. They collaborated in perfect ways”, comments the communication-marketing director of the Association of Quebec ski resorts, Josée Cusson.

Due to the large amount of snow on the ground, spring skiing promises to be just as pleasant.



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