A little openness please!

That the Liberals are demonstrating against Bill 96 is a profound disregard for the truth and the facts.

By demonstrating, Dominique Anglade and his liberal troops corroborate and accentuate a narrative which is totally false and which is repeated in the Canadian media, namely that Bill 96, as the title of the National Post, is an anti-English law. It is not so.

Caring English minority

The English-speaking community benefits, well beyond its demographic weight, which fluctuates around 9%, from large universities and CEGEPs funded by the state, large hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art technology, institutions for the elderly, quantity of primary and secondary schools, community centers, and so on.

Fellow citizens like Michael Rousseau can live in Quebec for an entire decade without speaking a treacherous word of French.

For a persecuted or threatened community, we will come back. Law 96 will not change these facts; Moreover, this law does not go far enough in evacuating CEGEPs in French.

Throughout the Liberal reign, while the situation of French was deteriorating before our eyes, the “Quebec Liberal Party” told us that we were fantasizing. They despised the mobilized citizens, worried about the decline of French in Montreal. The Liberals should therefore keep a little embarrassment when they contributed to the problem.

Two weights, two measures

The recent outcry against French courses at English CEGEPs is the height of everything.

Can someone explain to me why it is mandatory for students in French-speaking CEGEPs to pass English as a second language courses to obtain their college diploma, when it would be abominable to ask the same thing of Anglophones-Allophones in English CEGEPs?

Has it ever crossed the mind of a Francophone to cry out against discrimination? No, Francophones have long understood that learning English is a plus in their training.

Anglophones should show openness and be proud to live in a French Quebec which, whatever they say, takes great care of them.


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