A judge issues the national order for the search and capture of migrants fled from Palma airport

  • Another 12 people were arrested and this Monday

  • The duty judge requested provisional imprisonment for alleged crimes of sedition, coercion and favoring irregular immigration

The Judge of the Court of Instruction number 6 of Palma has issued this Wednesday a national search and arrest warrant of the 13 migrants fled from the Palma airport.

Emergency landing’

The account of what happened since the Air Arabia Maroc plane landed in Son Sant Joan last day 5 due to an alleged medical emergency also supports the suspicions that it was all part of a plan organized in advance. When the aircraft, which covered the route between Casablanca (Morocco) and Istanbul (Turkey), arrived in Mallorca and the false patient was transferred by ambulance to Son Llàtzer, several of the passengers they asked the crew to go down to the slopes. They said they wanted to smoke, but everything indicates that they were already trying to get out of the device to flee.

The escape forced to close the airport for three hours, so dozens of flights were diverted or canceled. Therefore, the magistrate understood that there was an obvious risk of flight to justify the imprisonment of the 12 suspects who, so far, have been arrested. But now the order has been issued search and capture to the rest.

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Thus, 12 other people were arrested and this Monday the judge on duty ordered his admission to prison provisional for alleged crimes of sedition, constraints and favoring irregular immigration.


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