A judge is not convinced by Radio

(Quebec) The owner of Radio of dollars.

The Superior Court has just refused RNC Media a request to force a telecommunications company to reveal the identity behind four telephone numbers. RNC is seeking this information to pursue those who fueled the Coalition’s various platforms for a decade.

The impact of this setback on the prosecution is not yet clear. Will RNC succeed in unmasking the people behind the Coalition, who have always protected their anonymity? The company’s lawyer did not respond to The Press at the time these lines were written. The Coalition, for its part, reacted in a statement, assuring that “so far, nothing demonstrates that RNC is capable of going back to the source.”

In its suit, RNC accuses the Coalition of having harassed advertisers and managers of Radio General Philippe Lefebvre during a preliminary interrogation.

The Coalition announced last summer that it would cease its activities. The legal action was not abandoned. The company is already pursuing two men whose names appear in the company register as directors of the non-profit organization “Coalition Against Garbage Radio”, created in 2012 then dissolved in 2019.

But these two men denied having fed the Coalition’s platforms. RNC is therefore looking for other officials. It has already won several court applications to obtain from META, Videotron, Telus and Rogers the identities behind Facebook pages, IP addresses and even telephone numbers.

But what she found doesn’t seem to be enough. In her last request, she asked Rogers for information related to four telephone numbers. This time, the Superior Court refused.

“Nothing supports RNC’s assertions regarding the possible commission of a criminal act of which third parties were victims,” notes judge Alicia Soldevila, in her decision of February 22.

“Everything they have is junk”

The owner of Radio

Remember that Radio She invited people to write to advertisers to ask them to stop buying advertising there.

Judge Soldevila concludes that RNC has not demonstrated in its request the damages suffered by its bosses or advertisers.

“The publication of the names and addresses of the directors and officers of RNC cannot, in itself, constitute misconduct. This information is of a public nature and can be found in the State of Information of Legal Entities at the Quebec Business Registrar,” notes the magistrate.

“The call for a boycott for reasons relating to freedom of expression, in a context where an action for defamation is excluded, is not in itself a fault,” she adds.

The judge specifies that her decision is not intended to “endorse or encourage the feeling of impunity favored by the anonymity of the keyboard”, but rather results from a delicate balance to be found taking into account the rights protected by the Charters.

In a statement sent to The Press, the Coalition claims that RNC is struggling to unmask the administrators of the platforms, which have since all been closed. “So far, nothing demonstrates that RNC is capable of going back to the source. All they have is bogus (…) They are mired in a sauce, a sort of fable, that the pirates themselves created,” writes the Coalition.

RNC Media had not yet commented on the Superior Court’s decision at the time of writing.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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