A jacket, a vest and a flower

I have a friend who whenever a delicate matter is ahead (a romantic date or a random encounter on Tinder, a job interview or a conference with the public) decides to buy some clothes to wear at that crucial moment. Even shoes, although new shoes are riskier. It is like a lucky charm: he runs away from what he already knows, from the bottom of the wardrobe, and embarks on the adventure of wearing a new jacket, some new boxer shorts, maybe some pants. You feel something like more convinced, more sure of yourself.

That’s why I noticed how he was dressed Xavi Hernandez on his debut. Because it is a detail that sets trends. Until now we have seen him in a nice suit, with a training tracksuit and with the club uniform. The references to how he dressed as a coach in Qatar were not worth it, because it is not the same to dress in the desert as it is on the cold autumn night in Barcelona. I cannot certify that the underpants were a premiere, but I would dare to say that the casual jacket, one of these that is now worn so much, with a built-in down vest and with a hood, yes.

Tidy but informal

The outfit, with jeans, gave him an air of neat but informal, which is what I suppose Terrassa intended. As a good boy, but a fighter. We will have to be attentive to the evolution of clothing, because there is nothing worse than seeing someone dressed as Rufete when he coached Espanyol, with a cap and a T-shirt and shorts, or as a Alfred Schreuder, Koeman’s second who marked a package in hideous sweatpants. The coach has to differentiate the ‘backstage’ from the real stage and has to define his territory and his way of being with a ‘dress code’ that can go from the British elegance of Gareth Southgate to the studied informality of Pep Guardiola, who, by the way, everything still looks good.

In the derby preview, we saw a Jordi Pujol dozing in the box and, in the Llotja President Suñol, shortly before the game starts, Laporta He gave Carles Porta a Barça shirt bearing the name ‘CRIMS’, the program that Ondas earned him. Yourselves. A casuality? A premonition or a desire to pose llum a la foscor, the journalist’s famous motto?

From darkness to light

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From darkness to light, the commission that he assumes Xavi. Without too much fuss, applauding his pupils and celebrating the goal with discretion, fraternizing and arguing with Busquets and Pique (There were times when I thought that he was throwing himself on the grass and that he doubted whether to put Coutinho in or to dress him short), Xavi he showed the true Barça essence on Saturday.

The famous DNA, which does not consist in touching and attacking and pressing, which does not have to do with the dilemma between having a system or having footballers who understand it, but in having the flower where you already know. And, apparently, it does.


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