A handwriting test confirms that the anonymous letters against Helena Jubany belong to a fellow member of the hiking group

  • XJM will declare as investigated next April 1 in Sabadell

A calligraphic report made by him National Police Corps (CNP) points to XJM as the author of the anonymous letters he received Helena Jubany few weeks before being murdered, as revealed by the prosecution. In fact, the head of the court of first instance number 2 of Sabadell (Vallès Occidental) has called for the suspect to testify on April 1.

XJM already had the condition of being investigated since last December and the judge was waiting for the results of the calligraphic test to quote you. Suspect and victim knew each other because they were classmates. Sabadell Excursionist Union at the time of the events, in 2001. The two anonymous letters that Jubany received were always accompanied by drinks adulterated with sleeping pills.

The new investigated was about to circumvent justice for the judge to attribute this condition to him on December 1, 2021, only a few few hours before that the crime prescribed. The next day, December 2, was the 20th anniversary of the death of the librarian, originally from Mataró (Maresme), in a block of flats in Sabadell.

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The private prosecution, however, managed to include XJM in the case after providing some emails extracted from the hard drive of Helena Jubany’s computer. According to the judge, the content of the conversations had a clear connection with the anonymous letters received by the victim. In addition, in his day Jubany already verbalized that he suspected the UES comrade.

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